Bay View Park

Bay View Park
Bay View Park is located on State Avenue on Lake Huron, adjacent to the Municipal Small Boat Harbor. This is one of the City's largest developed parks with multiple year-around uses. It contains four tennis courts, three basketball courts, and a multipurpose open lawn area. There is an area of shoreline, space for picnics, and an open field for low profile activity. There is the Fine Arts Bandshell, which is used for summer band concerts, community celebrations, and by various groups for other occasions. A fenced, fully equipped young children's playground, developed by and maintained in partnership with the Alpena Kiwanis Club, is another of the facilities available at this site. Public restrooms are located on Harbor Drive. The Bi-Path runs through the park and connects the park to other recreation areas. The Alpena Yacht Club is located within the park on property leased from the City.