Requirement 1: Accountability and Transparency

Requirement 1: Accountability and Transparency

EVIP Requirement 1:
Accountability and Transparency

To qualify for the Accountability and Transparency portion of the EVIP, eligible local units must:

  • Certify to the Michigan Department of Treasury that by October 1, 2011 they have produced and made readily available to the public, a citizen's guide and a performance dashboard of their local finances, including a recognition of their unfunded liabilities.
  • Submit a copy of their citizen's guide and performance dashboard to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Performance Dashboard (click to view)
The City has prepared the Performance Dashboard to be included on our website. The Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to government and its citizens. This data includes the current year and prior year overview comparisons.

Citizen's Guide (click to view)
The purpose of the Citizen's Guide and Popular Annual Financial Report is to provide citizens with a document that will help them better understand their City's finances. The Citizen's Guide includes City budget and finances of summarized and detailed information for multiple years through charts and graphs.

Budget - New in 2012
Each city, village, township, and county shall include a projected budget report, which is made up of two separate documents, as part of their EVIP or CIP submission.

1. The first document is a budget report that shall, at a minimum, cover a two year period, your current fiscal year and a projection of the immediately following fiscal year. The projection of the immediately following fiscal year does not need to be approved by the local government's governing body, this is simply a projection.

The budget report should include the general fund, at a minimum. However, you have the option to present additional funds. The budget report shall include revenues and expenditures. These budgeted items can be presented in a summary format. Additionally, include an explanation of the assumptions used for the projections. (click to view)

2. The second document is a detailed listing of debt service requirements. Provide detail of the annual principal and interest payments for each separate debt service from the current fiscal year until maturity. (click to view)