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(service of Thunder Bay Transportation Authority)

Dial-A-Ride CFO
General Manager
Jeff Prell
Prell's Services

City Hall
208 North First Avenue
Alpena, Michigan 49707

Phone: (989) 356-4596
Fax: (989) 358-9001


The Alpena Dial-A-Ride Transportation (DART) service began operations in 1974 and was the eighth small bus system to be started in Michigan. Since that time the system has logged nearly 7.7 million miles and carried over 4 million passengers. Today the DART system consists of 7 wheelchair lift equipped buses operating 7 days a week on a demand-response basis. DART is proud to provide transportation service to all segments of the population within the greater Alpena area, but most notably to the elderly, handicapped, and youth, many of whom have no other means of moving about in our community.

Funding for the system is derived primarily from three sources:

          1. State and federal reimbursements
          2. Fares
          3. A 0.65 mill City property tax levy

A one-half mill tax levy was first instituted in 1976 by a vote of the City electorate and has been renewed every 4 years by an average 3 to 1 vote margin. In 2005 the electorate approved an increase in the millage rate to 0.65. In 2006 Dial-A-Ride merged with Thunder Bay Transportation Authority (TBTA), providing a higher level of service to its patrons. With over 35 years of continuous service, Dial-A-Ride looks forward to many more years of providing safe and affordable transportation for the citizens of Alpena.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dial-A-Ride work?
Dial-A-Ride has a fleet of small buses that will pick you up at your front door and take you any place you want to go in Alpena and the commercial and residential sections adjacent to Alpena. (Click here to view service area map.)

Just pick up your phone and call 356-4596. Tell us your name, where you're calling from, and where you want to go. We'll send a Dial-A-Ride bus to pick you up. A "standing order" for service at the same time every day can also be booked by calling the Dial-A-Ride dispatcher.

Who can use Dial-A-Ride and when?
Anyone able to travel can use Dial-A-Ride. Please call (989) 354-4596 for Dial-A-Ride scheduling. We ask that you allow 1 hour for the bus to arrive.

How much does it cost to ride Dial-A-Ride?

City Resident One-Way Fare

If you reside within the City of Alpena, or if your pick-up location AND destination are within the City of Alpena you qualify for the City fare.

$1.50 Adult (14 - 64 years)
$0.75 Youth (0 -13 years)
  Senior (65+ years)
  Person with disability
  (must have reduced fare card for senior or person with disability)

Non-City Resident One-Way Fare
If you reside within the Dial-A-Ride service area, but outside the City of Alpena, you qualify for the Non-City fare.

$3.00 Adult (14 - 64 years)
$1.50 Youth (0 - 13 years)
  Senior (65+ years)
  Person with disability
  (must have reduced fare card for senior or person with disability)

A reduced fare application must be completed and on file in the TBTA office in order to qualify for the senior/disabled reduced fare rate. Please call (989) 356-4596 for more information.

In the commercial and residential sections adjacent to Alpena, but outside the City limits:
Please call (989) 356-4596 for rate information.

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Boundary Map

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