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Engineering Department
City Engineer   Asst. City Engineer

City Engineer
Rich Sullenger

City Hall
 208 N. First Avenue
 Alpena, Michigan 49707

 Phone:  (989) 354-1730
 Fax:  (989) 354-1709


Asst. City Engineer
Steve Shultz

City Hall
 208 N. First Avenue
 Alpena, Michigan 49707

 Phone:  (989) 354-1730
 Fax:  (989) 354-1709


Engineering Assistant
Shannon Smolinski

City Hall
 208 N. First Avenue
 Alpena, Michigan 49707

 Phone:  (989) 354-1730
 Fax:  (989) 354-1709


It is the responsibility of the Engineering Department to oversee the capital infrastructure projects occurring within and for the City of Alpena. The Engineering Department designs most of these projects with its in-house staff and is performing more in-house design by using its new computer-aided, drafting system.

The Engineering Department oversees:

  • Tree Planting Partnership Program
  • Voluntary Sidewalk Program
  • Contractual operation of the water and wastewater plan
  • Water and wastewater plant capital improvements
  • Capital improvement program for all infrastructure improvements
  • Street system (compliance with Act 51)
  • Bituminous pavement repair and paving program
  • Pavement marking program
  • Sign inventory
  • Water distribution maintenance
  • Wastewater collection maintenance
Department Personnel
Cassie Stone
Office Clerk
Phone: (989) 354-1730

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is my property line?
Generally speaking, your property line is 18 inches behind the sidewalk; however, there are some exceptions.

Can I plant trees in the right-of-way?
Yes, however, you must have permission from the City of Alpena. Furthermore, only certain trees can be planted in the right-of-way.

How do I get sidewalk installed or replaced in front of my property?
You can contact the City Engineer’s office to schedule a meeting to discuss the sidewalk to be installed or replaced, and you will be given an estimate of your cost to have the sidewalk work performed.

When is a right-of-way permit needed, and how do I obtain one?
A right-of-way permit is required any time work is performed in the right-of-way or adjacent to it. A permit can be obtained from the City Engineer’s Office and can usually be issued immediately. In some instances an on-site inspection must be performed prior to issuance of the permit, which can delay the process by one or two days.

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Department of Public Works (DPW)

Upcoming Projects
2014 Grant Street Reconstruction from Addison Street to Hobbs Drive
City Wide Street Name Sign Change Out

Finished Projects
2013 Lake Street Reconstruction from Pine Street to Merchant Street
City Wide Sign Replacement
Oldfield Street Sanitary Sewer from Johnson Street to Walnut Street
Starlite Beach Promenade Facilities
CIP Phase I - Seventh Avenue and Lincoln Street

Tree Planting Partnership Program

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