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Building Board of Appeals

City of Alpena Primary Contact: 
Donald Gilmet, City Building Official
Phone: (989) 354-1760
Fax: (989) 354-1709

Appointee Name Term Appointed
Term Expires
Jon Broers N/A City Council 11/18/2002 Undefined
Dennis Bray N/A City Council 12/09/2009 Undefined
Ryan Fairchild N/A City Council 06/20/2011 Undefined
Susan Edwards N/A City Council 01/04/2010 Undefined
Peter Wilson N/A City Council 11/18/2002 Undefined

The Building Board of Appeals resolves disputes over interpretations of the Building Codes, and between the Building Inspector and rental property inspection decisions.

How can I become a member of this Board?
There is a  short application, which is  available at City Hall or the application can be downloaded by clicking here.  After submitting the application and proper review, suitable recommendation can be by the Mayor, City Council, or City Manager for appointment to this board/committee.

When does the Building Board of Appeals meet?
The Building Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis, which is within ten days of an appeals application.

  Click here to view City Council Meetings

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