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Building Authority

City of Alpena Primary Contact: 
Donald Gilmet, City Building Official
Phone: (989) 354-1760
Fax: (989) 354-1709

Appointee Name Office Term Appointed
Term Expires
Greg Sundin Chairman 3 Years City Council 05/07/2012 03/19/2016
Karen Hebert Secretary/Treasurer 3 Years City Council 03/17/2008 03/19/2017
William Pfeifer Board Member 3 Years City Council 02/16/2009 03/02/2018

The City of Alpena Building Authority was established and articles of incorporation were adopted on March 19, 2001. The Building Authority was incorporated for the purpose of acquiring, furnishing, equipping, owning, improving, enlarging, operating, and maintaining a building or buildings, automobile parking lots or structures, recreational facilities, stadiums, and the necessary site or sites therefore, together with appurtenant properties and facilities necessary or convenient for the effective use thereof, for use of any legitimate public purpose of the City of Alpena.


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